Real Life Listening Lessons: 6 Steps

Here is an overview about how to use and complete about each Listening Lesson.
(Learn why you should use the Real Life Listening Lessons to practice English.)

1.) Read and think about the Before Listening Questions

This first step is important because it gets you thinking about the topic, which will help you recall the information and vocabulary that you already know about the topic.

If you are completing this listening exercise by yourself, write down your answers to the questions (it's not important to write perfectly...don't worry about grammar or spelling).  If you are listening with others, you can discuss these questions.


2.) Review the Vocabulary

If you don't understand or know the words, you should look them up.

3.) Read the After Listening Questions

This step helps you prepare because you'll know the information and words that you should listen for.

4.) Listen

If you hear new words while you're listening, try to write them down (don't worry about spelling).

5.) Review the transcript

Every listening program also includes a link to a transcript (when the transcript is available).
Read the transcript after you listen. You can also listen to the story again while reading the transcript.  Try to find the new words your heard in the transcript.

6.) Answer the After Listening Questions

Check your answers.

That's it...
Happy listening!

Photo taken by my husband in Hangzhou, China.