I'm bored or I'm boring?

What is the difference between bored and boring? 

I am bored = I feel bored.  I feel bored because the class is boring. 

I am boring. = I cause other people to feel bored.

Bored and boring are both adjectives.
Bored describes a feeling.
Boring describes the thing (noun) that makes someone feel bored. 

Here are some more examples:

That movie is boring. It is a boring movie. I'm bored after I watching the movie. 
"Mom, we're bored!" the children say.
"My job is boring," said a wife. "You need a job that is doesn't make you bored," said her nice husband.
When he is bored at work, he falls asleep. 
Is your job boring or interesting?

Write a sentence using bored or boring in the comments section. 

I'm excited to read your sentences. I'm sure they won't be boring. :)