I'm bored or I'm boring?

What is the difference between bored and boring? 

I am bored = I feel bored.  I feel bored because the class is boring. 

I am boring. = I cause other people to feel bored.

Bored and boring are both adjectives.
Bored describes a feeling.
Boring describes the thing (noun) that makes someone feel bored. 

Here are some more examples:

That movie is boring. It is a boring movie. I'm bored after I watching the movie. 
"Mom, we're bored!" the children say.
"My job is boring," said a wife. "You need a job that is doesn't make you bored," said her nice husband.
When he is bored at work, he falls asleep. 
Is your job boring or interesting?

Write a sentence using bored or boring in the comments section. 

I'm excited to read your sentences. I'm sure they won't be boring. :)

To Be + Adjectives

This is a formula that helps my students.

to be + adjective

to be (present simple) + adjective

The bee is busy. They flowers are beautiful.

The bee is busy.
They flowers are beautiful.

I am happy.
You are hungry.
He is tall.
She is short.
It is difficult.
We are smart.
They are upset.

to be (past simple) + adjective

I was tired.
You were born in 1982.
He was asleep.
She was friendly.
It was easy.
We were excited.
They were awake.

Can you think of sentences using this formula?  Write your sentences and any questions the comments.