TOEFL Overview

The TOEFL iBT tests your ability to use and understand and communicate in English at the university level. The exam has four sections: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, all of which you'll need in order to succeed in an academic environment. For comprehensive details about this exam, refer to the official TOEFL website.

Why should I take the TOEFL?

Many students are required to submit their TOEFL scores when they apply for admission to various institutions. Sometimes English language schools ask students take the TOEFL in order to track their progress. Some English students choose to take the TOEFL to demonstrate their proficency.

Where is TOEFL accepted*?

Use this tool on the TOEFL website for an up to date list.

Do you need to study for the TOEFL?

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*Always contact the institution to which you are applying to verify which exam you should take.